The Naturalist Cart

The cart installation acts as home base for this collector. There is a supply of tools and instruments, albeit rudimentary, that act as a stand in for the fictitious naturalist. Naturalist being an ironic twist because in this reality what was inorganic has become organic.  As an act of written recording, the scroll holds cut-out text information that corresponds with the moths. Poetic and disjointed, the text adds context like time, environment, species variations and behaviors. I thrive on the storytelling aspect of art and literature. Humans develop through stories and communicate through them. Facts and figures do not hold the power of persuasion and stickiness like a good story.  2018.

insects of the anthropocene

Just like many of the insects and animals we know of today mimic the natural world, it is in the realm of possibilities that in 100,000+ years trash and waste outweigh nonhuman natural organisms. This installation piece is directly related to the Naturalist Cart seen above. There is a map guide to accompany this work to bring viewers in to discover for themselves where the new species are. Like at a naturalist museum this installation invites discovery and contemplation, and actively engages the viewer to seek out visual information. 2018.

a bed of forget-me-nots

Made with honeycomb, beeswax, raw honey, and collaged elements, there is a blend of fact and fantasy oozing out. This piece is a flip on the specimen box. Habitats and habits are always missing from specimen boxes. The beekeepers box, honeycombs, honey production, and pollination demands are within a specimen box that is engulfed by bees that are made from the materials that they themselves can only produce. This particular honeycomb came from a local beekeeper at Hott Apiary in McGaheysville, VA. 2018.

research quilt

As these pockets of images have come to take over the walls of my studio, the work acts like many cells that are dividing to create new methods of reorganizing and categorization. Moving about in the studio while sorting new clippings and moving around others, I create a buzz of action. Collecting from old books, magazines, library scans, and other found materials, this work acts as an on-going creative reservoir of imagery, data, and raw materials. The labels are nudges towards a narrative. The folders of imagery are poetic in their ambiguity, but within them there is sustenance in text and powerful visuals. The viewer can create their own dialogue and relationship with the pockets on an individual level. 2017-ongoing.