balancing act

"Balancing Act" is a 24" x 7 ft. work on paper. Not found naturally together in the wild, the Eastern Blue bird, my favorite, and the Ivory Billed Woodpecker (extinct since 1940s), are placed together because like the Ivory Billed, birds like the Eastern Blue bird may also see that fate of extinction due to habitat loss, disease, non-invasive species, and pollution. As the tree goes down, what was once healthy begins to turn, and progressively to doom at the tipping point, the bottom where we are confronted with the side-effects of consumption and pollution. Our earth is a safe haven for a multiplicity of habitats, and a plethora of biodiversity, however we too as a whole are on a tipping point with the global warming reaching its maximum due to human led over-carbonizing of our atmosphere. UNLESS we stand and fight for our Earth since unfortunately Earth has no tongue and mouth to speak for itself, we will see it all poisoned and left in waste, and where does that leave us?

Materials: gouache paint, color pencil, graphite pencil, and ink.